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GSHS Mock Trial team flexed mental muscles to win state

Staff Report

Mar 15, 2004

Just what the world needs ” more lawyers. Justified or not, attorneys are the on the receiving end of countless jokes.

For example, why is it that New Jersey got all the toxic waste dumps and California got all the lawyers? New Jersey got first choice.

But regardless of an individual’s personal feeling toward the legal profession in the United States, learning the law and the mental acrobatics required of practicing in the courtroom could help anyone.

How many people haven’t left a meeting with a superior at work only to come up with a dozen better arguments for a raise than they brought up in the meeting five minutes ago?

The Glenwood Springs High School mock trial team members have been learning how to deal with the problems they will likely face in their adult lives and, thanks in part to the generous support of the Glenwood Springs legal community, have excelled in competition.

Glenwood Springs won its third consecutive mock trial state championships last weekend, beating out 77 other teams from around Colorado.

For those who cringe at the thought of Glenwood Springs becoming the breeding ground for future barristers, don’t think of the competitions as hypothetical courtroom battles. The mock trials are simply mental exercises in which a winning team is named.

The community’s athletic teams receive tremendous support in Glenwood Springs and the mock trial team should be no different. These team members are simply flexing a different muscle.

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